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Recent Cases

Recent cases of people who are missing in the wilds of North America that we are tracking.


Location Consistencies, June 2015



Wasatch County, Utah

Wayne Buckley, 73 years, parks his Chevrolet truck at the Sleepy Hollow Trailhead in Wasatch County, Utah. His camping gear is in his truck and he takes a hike. The man has emphysema and searchers are positive he would not have hiked far. A two week search produces nothing. He is carrying a 38 caliber revolver.



Taos, NM

Walter Scheib, 61 years parks his Subaru at the Yerba Buena Trailhead off State Route 150 near the Taos Ski Area. His cell phone indicates he probably made the summit of Lobo Peak at 12,115. His family realized he never returned and called authorities. Bad weather immediately inundated the search area and caused delays. He was found 25 yards from the trail submerged in a drainage. He died of drowning.


Walter was the White House chef from 1994-2005 for George W. Bush and the Clintons.

••This happened in a northern New Mexico Cluster Zone where we have documented 8 people that have vanished.




Chiricahua Mountains, AZ

Janet Castrejon, 44 years was camping with her parents. She walked from the restrooms to the campsite and vanished. I have written about this same scenario many times in the past. Janet is partially blind and has short term memory loss. An exhaustive search failed to find the woman. Authorities are now using the word, “abducted” to explain the disappearance.


**This happened in a cluster zone where 5 people have vanished.



Three different disappearances in 12 days in three states that all geographically touch each other.

• Disabilities

• Bad Weather

• Water

• Law Enforcement starts to believe there is a criminal element

• Happened in an established cluster


• Canines couldn’t track to the victim


Can all of this be a mere coincidence?



George Penca (Photo-See Above)

Missing: June 2011, Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

Physical: WMA, 30 Years, 5'10", 240lbs, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Clothing: Black T-Shirt ("DB" letters on front), Navy Blue Tank Top, Grey seatpants with white vertical stripe along legs, Grey and Blue Running shoes.


George was with his church group from Lomita (CA) when he fell behind and vanished. A two week search by the National park Service did not find any evidence of what may have happened to George.

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Ron Kirk-Body Found in the area of the search but not found by searchers. Details Pending.

Missing January 16, 2012, Calico Basin, Red Rock National Recreation Area, Las Vegas, NV

Physical: WMA, 46 years, 5'9", 145lbs, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes


Kirk was a history student at UNLV in Las Vegas when he drove his Jeep to the Calico basin for a day of hiking. This is a very rugged area with rocky crags and huge boulders. An extensive search of the area by helicopters, hikers and equestrains did not find any evidence of Kirk being in the area.

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James Nelson

Missing October 3, 2010, Holy Cross Wilderness, Mountt of the Holy Cross, Vail, Colorado

WMA, 31 Years, 5' 5", 240lbs, Brown Shaved Head, Goatee, Wears Glasses

Clothing: Orange Long Sleeve Shirt, Khaki Slacks, Hiking Boots.



James set out for a five day 25 mile hike into the Holy Cross Wilderness leaving from the Fall Creek Trailhead. Nelson works at an Evangelical Church in Chicago as their director of Official Roster. He was last seen by a husband and wife near Lake Constantine in the wilderness area. A 12 day search found absolutely no evidence of Nelson being anywhere in the wilderness area. The above photo was the last known picture of Nelson.

**Michelle Vanek disappeared in September 2005 also in the Holy Cross Wilderness on Mount of the Holy Cross. Not one piece of her equipment or Michelle was ever found. In an interesting coincidence, Michelle was also using walking sticks very similar to James. Michelle's disappearance is chronicled in the book, "Missing 411, western U.S. edition." Mr. Nelson and Mr. Penca have very similar physical descriptions.


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James' campsite was located and a search pof the area around the site located the top of his skull. This is very similar to the finding of Jaryd Atadero, Missing 411-Western United States.



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