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Dr. James McGrogan-CanAm Production

Jaryd Atadero- CanAm Production

Maurice Dametz-CanAm Production

Bobby Bizup Disappearance-CanAm Production

Elizabeth O'Pray-Australia-CanAm Production

Gaida Coote- Australia- CanAm Production

Lindsey Baum, Missing Without a Clue, Washington

Lindsey Baum, Interview with Her Mother

Avery Blakeley, Missing Malden, WA

Michigan Backcountry SAR-Joe Clewley

Bryce Herda Missing Case

Mike Hearon-Missing, TN

Jamison Family Disappearance

GSM National Park Search Footage

The Disappearance of Dennis Martin

The Disappearance of Nita Mayo

Mel Nadel, Missing Pecos Wilderness, NM

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