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CanAm Missing is a group of retired police officers, search and rescue experts (SAR) and other professionals that are dedicated to researching, on scene investigating and generally understanding the issues associated with people who go missing in the wilds of North America. This has typically been a project that is intensely worked by search and rescue teams starting when the victim is reported lost and usually continuing for the following 7-14 days, the case then flounders in a file cabinet. After years of reading thousands of SAR reports, speaking with dozens of victims, we believe the paradigm of this effort needs to change.


The project initially started as a meeting with a park ranger(s) and slowly evolved evolved into a study on missing people who vanished in the wild, many under highly unusual circumstances. We found that MANY of the cases we've researched, parents and relatives of the victims believe a kidnapping had occurred. Law enforcement and the media usually do not publicize concerns of kidnapping or abduction when the missing can be explained through traditional means. There are too many of these cases to ignore and there is a consistency to the stories.


Federal agencies are harboring statistics and reports on the missing that need to be intensely  studied and applied to the topic for future application. We have applied much of what we've learned and documented this in "Missing 411" and would encourage every SAR coordinator and manager to read it.

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