Missing 411- The Movie

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Missing 411- The movie is now available for pre-sale. The demand will be extremely high for this full length documentary and 

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Missing 411- the movie

Length- 95 minutes

Directors: Mike Degrazier, Ben Paulides

Executive Producer: David Paulides

Based on the stories from the Missing 411 series


Movie Reviews:

Scott Watts Recd my blu ray copy today , Great Job on the Movie !!!! I could have easily watched a 4hr movie on this ..... even longer . As sad as these stories are they are interesting as hell . Great Job !!!

Windom Earle
I have waited and I have wondered and I have wished and today when I got home and looked in my mailbox it's like someone was listening...Thank you David Paulides for your tenacious unwavering effort and determination to bring this unbelievable phenomena to light....Deeply hypnotic, profound and puzzling in its uncomfortable grip

Johnny Fruits
Well worth the wait! As a fan who hasn't read all the books, but have listened to many of Dave's interviews. This approach was broad enough to not take you down the path of paranormal, or conspiracy theory, but sheds light on truly bizarre missing persons cases. It doesn't draw any conclusions for causes, but presents many points of view from all parties involved.
Very well done visually as well. Production value is great, considering how inexpensive (in the grand scheme of film making) this film was to make.
With the staggering amount of cases there are, I definitely think a follow up is warranted. Maybe then, the paranormal aspect can be touched on, but glad that it wasn't overblown.
Solid work 411 team.

Roxy Lopez
Roxy Lopez Missing 411: The Movie Thanks for making the movie! I know how hard it is to put all the parts together into a 1.5 hour informational piece! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!! We look forward to more of your films! YEARS of research! That wasn't easy!

Jill Moran
Got my DVD today and just finished watching it. It was profoundingly moving and disturbing. I saw my 3 year old great grandson in every little face in this film and it just stabbed me in the heart. I can only imagine the fear, pain and sense of loss these parents are feeling. Its not something that could ever go away. Thank you for this film. Very well done. I hope it gets seen world wide and I pray that we get answers soon.

Charles Evans
Excellent production...for such sad, strange stories.

Kevin Burns
I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed the premiere. I thought the movie did such a beautiful job of humanizing the subject and showing the real impact two families who have lost people. I am largely a statistical analytical guy which is why I love your research and the Bigfoot subject in general but it's easy to forget that within all of that data the lives of real people are impacted.

to Dave Paulides & the movie crew,
First thanks for the prompt delivery of the video. I must say that the coverage of the affected families was first rate. You always wish that you could do more when you get into very stressful situations. Having managed a cemetery in the town I lived in for 15 years I have a little first hand experience. In addition you did not overplay the issue of the possible causes of these disappearances, but instead let the families start to bridge that gap.
Anyway excellent work guys. If you decide to make a follow up movie picking more controversial cases should bring home the point that something is going on out there. 
Great job.
Thanks, take care and be safe
Dave DeSelle

Terry D. Baddley

Got my Kickstarter package last weekend for the long anticipated "Missing 411" movie and couldn't wait to watch the DVD. Wow...I was very impressed!!! I had heard that the film would feature the Deorr Kunz case in Idaho...the toddler who disappeared in July 2015...but I didn't expect that this sad tale would be its main focus. Very moving and heart breaking. Author and researcher David Paulides, whose "Missing 411" books were the inspiration for the film, has certainly brought to the viewing public a real gem...a work that everybody who enjoys spending time in the outdoors with their families should see.






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Missing 411- The Movie Premier is formally announced!

May 13, 2017-Saturday

Sheraton Hotel, Denver 

There are a limited number of tickets available, first come first serve.

Read the terms on the link carefully.


**All DVD rewards associated with the Kickstarter campaign will be mailed the week after the premier.

The movie will go up for sale on May 15 on this site.


It is a full length documentary shot in several states and national parks.

It was shot entirely in 4K.

The feedback we have received from media people has been outstanding.

We will distribute the movie through this site and will keep you updated here

on dates and new information.


Thank you to our dedicated Kickstarter supporters for making this happen.

Here is the link to the movie trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjDy2srebK8

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